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17:20 UK time, Monday, 4 January 2010

Re Antartica plane remains 'found'. Well, it would, wouldn't it? Unless it was lost again.
Jenny T, NY Brit

No 52 of "100 things..." isn't strictly true, as it refers to a period of time millions of years ago, when Zimbabwe wasn't called Zimbabwe. Until 1980, it was called Rhodesia. Possibly it was even called something else again millions of years ago.
Adam, London, UK

Presumably the 'fatties roaming the site' use extra-broadband.
Mike, Newcastle upon Tyne

Re. the mini quiz on a child's first word, my grandson's was "arab" (we still don't know why!) whereas my eldest grandaughter's was "Nana" (cue smiling me!), we're waiting with anticipation for the youngest grandaughter although with two elder siblings it will probably be "no"!
Sue, Wootton Bassett, UK

Following Eggwatch in your letters, in one aisle in a local supermarket this weekend, we saw Easter Eggs, Hot cross buns, Valentine's chocolates and Christmas goods sharing shelf space - but no Halloween candies.
Richard, Picton, Canada

I spotted Malteaster Bunnies on sale in WH Smith today (3 Jan). Not only is this far too early, but a terrible pun.
Andrew, Reading

"Hole of a town. Everyone is pregnant. No Starbucks. Hoodies dominate the streets" (Monday's Quote of the Day). OK, so it was Lowestoft ... but you had to read it to check it wasn't your town, didn't you?
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

Maybe the sea lions just don't like parties?
Ann Cooper, Orpington, England

Mariam (Friday letters), in Britain it is perfectly acceptable for people not to be able to count. In fact we often give them huge pensions for not being able to count. The people that get these pensions are called useless bankers (or something close).
Alan Addison, Glasgow, UK


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