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14:43 UK time, Thursday, 31 December 2009

Ann Widdecombe's quip about Michael Howard was certainly unforgettable, and I also remember a Magazine Monitor caption competition: The photo was of Michael Howard in his suit, standing in a bar and holding a pint of beer. One caption entry was: "There's something of the Friday night about him". A classic.
Bob Peters, Leeds, UK

Re Easter eggs on sale (Wednesday letters): Our local supermarket was selling Creme Eggs on 27 December. Surely this is a record? I therefore claim my Easterwatch prize of Tunnock's Tea cakes.
Susan Thomas, Brisbane, Australia
Monitor note: There are Easter eggs on sale at the sandwich station in Monitor Towers too...

I saw Creme Eggs in my local Co-op on 24 December. Had I known that it would become a topic here, I would have taken a photo as evidence. As it is, you will just have to believe me.
Emily Parry, Portsmouth

Three weeks before Christmas a friend went to a hotel in south England for their firm's Christmas bash. In the foyer was a large notice: "Bookings now being taken for Valentine's Day."
Tim McMahon, Pennar, Wales

Impy, World War II ended in nineteen HUNDRED and forty-five (Wednesday letters). Perhaps World War II ends in nineteen thousand and forty-five, we shall have to see.
Ellie, Herts

Now you've added a video - even better!
Paul Greggor, London

Re Quote of the Day: I understand that some people were offended but it is becoming increasingly difficult to use humour as a communication media when everything is being condemned as a polemic starter for 10. There are always items that offend my own beliefs, then I realise that these are also funny (as is most of modern life).
If those of us who accept offence, to an extent, with a spirit of grace; all leave the country and turn out the lights then good night humour.
Vince Jones, Birmingham, UK

I move that December have 28 days and February 31. That way we could close for the week and be done with it. All those in favour?
Diane, Sutton

I'd like to wish all my fellow Monitorites a happy, and most importantly a prosperous, new year. I forgot that second bit in my new year wish to you all last year. Sorry about that. I won't be making that mistake again.
Adam, London, UK


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