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12:33 UK time, Friday, 18 December 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.
First the silliness.

In newspaper world, the splashes and the big stories usually hog all the limelight.

But what about the humble nib, the news in brief. It serves a vital tool in Fleet Street. Newspaper layout is rather like a game of Tetris, and nibs represent a handy "l" block.

But what if you only read the nibs, how would the world seem?

From the Daily Star Paper Monitor discovers that the town of Ratingen in Germany is to charge Google £18 per shot for using its roads to take photos for Street View.

The Sun is nibtastic. A milkman has won an award for his friendliness over 24 years of service. Another snippet tells us about a first edition of Casino Royale going for 10 grand at auction.

Who can fail to be fascinated by the theft of a lorry with a ton of cheese on board? Or, still on the theme of cheese, the German driver hit by a 1lb lump thrown through his windscreen?

But the pinnacle of today's nibs is the revelation that two "knickerless" women, in their 30s and 50s, have been flashing at men in Plymouth.

From the silliness of nibs to the seriousness of crowdsourcing.

The Guardian yesterday announced the winner of its online contest to find out how Tony Blair is able to keep all of his finances so secret.

Thanks to this bit of crowdsourcing, the Guardian now knows that Mr Blair is using The Partnerships (Accounts) Regulations 2008, with the key aspect the use of a "limited liability partnership". Richard Murphy, a crusading accountant from Tax Research UK, is the man taking the credit for solving the conundrum.


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