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Your Letters

17:10 UK time, Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Re the top 10 inventions, are Stevenson's Rocket and the steam engine not essentially the same thing?
Liam, Northampton

The £1,000 rail ticket that can be bought in advance for £561 seems an excellent example of a situation where one would advertise to all their associates how much they had saved, while still paying what seems to be an extortionate amount, perhaps even better than never-ending furniture sales.
James O, Oxford

Well done Steve Hill for your ecological thinking (Tuesday letters). Why use up fresh electrons on a new web-based news story when we can recycle the old ones. And it's far more interesting than some of the recent stories.
P.S. are you really in the Women's Institute?
Ralph, Cumbria

Steve (Tuesday letters) - let it lie. Think of the Kids.
Lee Pike, Auckland, New Zealand

Kat (Tuesday letters), I initially agreed, and then went on to find my own moment illustrating your point. May I suggest "Anticiphany"?
Bas, London

I was so intrigued by the idea of a soup plot until I realised that I'd misread the headline.
Adam, London, UK

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