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12:12 UK time, Friday, 9 October 2009

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

samcamconferencedress_getty.jpgSo, SamCam's conference outfit. A £65 M&S dress, £29 sale heels.

And every newspaper puts its fashion desk to work on unpicking her High Street wardrobe. While Mrs Cameron says little, her choice of clothes speaks volumes.

For this was no thrown-together ensemble. Not least because that dress, heavily promoted in adverts and in fashion spreads over the summer, sells out each time it's restocked.

Esther Addley in the Guardian - after noting that it is "shallow and not a little demeaning to discuss political wives only in terms of their clothing" - sees her outfits as carefully chosen barbs aimed squarely at Labour.

"Cameron, in her real life, routinely wears designer dresses, shoes and handbags in outfits that cost four figures to put together. But this week at party conference it's been Jigsaw and Office, Uniqlo and Wrangler, and good old M&S."

The Daily Mail agrees.

"Throughout the week, Samantha Cameron's wardrobe has been chosen with style - and PR - in mind."

The Sun, however, takes it on face value.

"Her £29 Zara sale shoes also told Britain that she and David are a normal couple feeling the pinch."

The Daily Telegraph's political correspondent opines that her outfit is a visual interpretation of David Cameron's words.

"Her husband attempted to reach out to the middle classes by insisting that he understood their concerns. Samantha Cameron showed that she was one of them simply by donning a dress."

The Independent reckons that Labour voting shoppers will be cursing her "and quietly pushing the ubiquitous garment to the back of their wardrobes".

And the Times wonders how she got her hands on M&S's fastest selling dress ever. A party insider tells the paper that she fell in love with it in early summer.

"[But] by the time she got to her local store, the size 8 that she was looking for had sold out. If nothing else, that she got her hands on one eventually says plenty about Marks & Spencer's inter-store tracking service."

As an aside, the online Telegraph has a headline all but guaranteed a slot in its most-read list: "Women-only town of Swedish lesbians 'does not exist'"
If you are shallow enough to want to add to its page views, here's the link.

And finally, readers of Thursday's Paper Monitor may wonder whether visions of little tiny starey-eyed diamante-cross-wearing mice - or are they newborn kittens? - sipping tea from delicate china cups did indeed feature in your columnist's nightmares.

The answer is yes. Too much cheese at bedtime? Oh no. The Daily Express planted that seed.


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