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16:04 UK time, Friday, 17 July 2009

The 7 days question relating to the time that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon is wrong. Neil Armstrong spent an extra 15 minutes as he was the first out and last in the lunar capsule. Try checking the Sky at Night programme.
Sophie, London

No wonder you city folk lost this country - £6.00 for 5kg of chicken feed, get real! You get 5kg for £2.50 or 20kg for £6.00. So Boris could have got more than double the amount, well researched guys.
Rod Wallace, Lustleigh, Devon
Monitor note: Thanks Rod. Other brands of chicken feed are available.

As an employer I'm disgusted by the BBC's "Say goodbye to worktime boredom". Actively encouraging people to use Twitter/Facebook whilst they are being paid to do other things. This is just another example of Britain's attitude towards doing any actual work. Of course I doubt that you will read this as you are probably too busy twittering...
Lee, Preston

Web Monitor, as any Kenny Everett fan will tell you, Dr Gitfinger was a character in the Captain Kremmen radio series.
Jake, Newbury, Berkshire, UK

Nicolas (Thursday letters), "funky" is indeed a great addition. But where to put it?
Basil Long, Nottingham

Philip Hore (Thursday letters) asks if $23 quadrillion dollars could buy Europe. It almost certainly is enough to buy Europe, but how many times do you actually want to hear The Final Countdown?
Ben Moxon, Guildford, UK

Bieke Vanhooydonck (of the University of Antwerp). What a name! Sounds like a Douglas Adams invention. Fabulous.
Laura, Bicester

If "Dramatic Paws" doesn't win this week's caption competition, I'll eat my, um, lunch. Thank you. (And no, it isn't mine.)
Sue 'Rockahula' Lee, London
Monitor note: Hope your lunch tasted good, Sue.

Where is the page to enter the caption competition? I have been trying to enter for weeks now, and only ever get the "competition is now closed" page.
Helen, North Devon
Monitor note: Helen, you come looking just a little too late. Entries open at lunchtime on Thursdays, and close at 1230 BST Friday.

Sorry, James Ball (Thursday letters), "Penguin murders prompt sniper aid" is not an all-noun headline. "Prompt", although it can be a noun or indeed an adjective, is clearly used as a transitive verb here.
Hamish McGlobbie, Leeds

JoeA (Thursday letters), I received the joke e-mail comparing cars with computers on 25 February 1998. It was sent to me on 23 February 1998: e-mail wasn't quite as fast in those days. I don't know if that's the oldest recorded receipt of the e-mail, but as it happens, it is the oldest e-mail I still have.
Adam, London, UK

JoeA, 1997 is apparently the earliest recorded receipt of this e-mail.
Pascal, Grand Union Canal, Cowley, UK

I've never heard of Icehouse, and I've never received the e-mail imagining if a car was like a computer.
I - I don't really feel like part of the gang anymore.
Sue, London
Monitor note: Wait - Sue - come back! Cheese and pineapple stick?

I run an alternative hairdressing salon, and actually the mullet has been back for a while (Letters passum). It's now done with razor cutting and is more popular with young teen girls to get that "got out of bed" look. It's quite rocktastic as long as it's an excellent hairdresser doing it...
Zoey Ryland, Bristol

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