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16:06 UK time, Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Re: Why has Wimbledon dropped 'Miss'? About time too. The marital status of women is absolutely no one's business but their own.

Isn't the kettle dirty?
Pot, Birmingham, UK

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, yet I only got 2/7 on the GCSE design and technology quiz. Why? Because the questions were all based on food, clothes and electronic components. In my day woodwork and metalwork were the real DT disciplines, and they are not mentioned once. *Sigh*
JoeA, London

Can Scott Campbell (Giving up my iPod for a Walkman) write for the Magazine more often? There can't be many 13-year-olds who use words like plethora, impromptu, and bothersome. It needs to be encouraged.
Edward Green, London, UK

Ooh, I love a good meme. Thanks to Andy in Woking for pointing out A Salt and Battered. Further along Abbeydale Road, we also have a British Hairways, while on Fulwood Road, there is a Chinese take-away called Wok This Way. In Hillsborough, they're a little more risque - there's a furniture shop called Sofa King Cheap.
*Munches his cheese and pineapple stick, sips his shandy and snorts*
B, Sheffield, England

In Montreal, there is a restaurant that specialises in omelettes and other eggy things. The name is Planate Oeuf.
Uncle Roy, Leuven

Let's not forget Mister Bit the painter and/or hairdresser.
Andy, Balham, London

Not sure if the lady concerned is aware, but here in Jersey a portable toilet company has branded itself Rebecca Loos. Not a pun, but made me chuckle.
Emma, Jersey

Re Schindler's Lifts - to be fair, Mr Schindler set up his elevator company over half a century before his namesake compiled his list, and over a century before the film portraying the latter came out. If there's any pun it's in the name of the film.
Tim Barrow, London, UK

Ten ways to beat the heatwave my eye. Do you know how cold it is here in the southern hemisphere? Please repeat the item in December.
Al, Wellington, NZ
Monitor note: Perhaps you could bookmark it for future reference. Do let us know then if it helps.

Re The unmasking of a 7/7 conspiracy theorist. "Muad Dib", the pseudonym used by the individual in the story, actually originated from the novel Dune. Saying "Muad Dib" is a fictional character from the movie is like saying Harry Potter is a fictional character from the movies starring Daniel Radcliffe. Also, for complete accuracy, it should really be presented as "Muad'Dib".
James, Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

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