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13:32 UK time, Thursday, 16 July 2009

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It's an easy mistake to make for those who have never been to the Great Southern Land.

"Rescued after 12 days lost in the Outback" - Metro

bluebluemountains226getty.jpgOnly it's not the Outback.

Londoner Jamie Neale, 19, survived for almost a fortnight after setting out for an ill-fated day trek in the Blue Mountains (pictured top right).

This is a national park west of Sydney. Australians call this "the bush". Which is different, very different, from the Outback (pictured lower right).

Here's how to tell the difference. Anything called "the bush" has lots of bushes, and trees as well. Whereas the Outback has just the one bush in all its thousands of miles of parched red sand. Or thereabouts.

redoutback226getty.jpgNor is Metro the only paper to make this mistake.

"'My boy's been found!' Hugs and a kick up the backside for son feared dead in Outback" - Guardian
"Lost Brit safe after 12 days in Oz outback" - Daily Star
"Who says that pommies can't survive in the outback?" - The Scotsman
"Dad bushwhacks backpack son who survived 12 days lost in unforgiving Outback" - Irish Independent

And on Tuesday the London Evening Standard reported on how two British families had also become lost in the Outback, complete with a photo of the actual Outback.

Only they, too, had been in the Blue Mountains. Walking alone like a primitive man (see their hungry eyes, it's a hungry home...)


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