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17:31 UK time, Monday, 29 June 2009

Why do all of the male tennis players at Wimbledon wipe their faces with a towel at the end of a point, in spite of wearing sweatbands on their wrists?
MCK, Stevenage

The chap who swapped his iPod for an Walkman was actually very lucky to have one with a rewind button. I was the envy of my friends at school because they had to take the tape out, turn it over, fast forward it, and then turn it over again.
Basil Long, Nottingham

The Dean of Westminster Abbey says of the very large masonry corona planned to top the church: "If there was an adverse reaction, I expect we would drop it". Can I be reassured that he doesn't mean this literally?
Mark, Reading, UK

Sorry, but you're all amateurs (Friday letters and Quote of the Day). Around here we have:

  • Jason's Donner Van
  • Only Food & Sauces
  • Bagel of the North
  • There's also a minicab company called PG Trips.
Newcastle is Pun Capital of the World.
Mike, Newcastle upon Tyne

There used to be a loft conversion company in Hampshire called Lofts in Space.
Anne R, Fareham

PB (Friday letters), the web is not the internet.
JC, Fife


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