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16:16 UK time, Thursday, 11 June 2009

OK - how many people misunderstood the "high-speed" part of this headline ?
Paul Greggor, London

Are people really so bored that the most read story at the moment is about a man not wearing a wig?
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

Serious scientists discovering elements? A look at the picture accompanying the article makes me think they're actually celebrating 25 years of Tetris!
David, Jerusalem

Will someone tell Anneka Rice (see Web Monitor) that it's just as wrong for her to assume that that's what men want!
Dave Trowbridge, Dunstable, UK

Re: Communal cabbing. Let me see... motor vehicles with more than one passenger, all paying for a journey in the same direction... aren't they called "buses" ?
Paul Greggor, London

In the Caroline Flint story she is quoted as saying she resigned because "I didn't feel Gordon Brown had full confidence in my loyalty". I'm no defender of GB, but doesn't this show that he was right?
Phil, Guisborough

The headline Ferrero cleared of hazelnut fraud is yet another that was always going to disappoint.
Adam, London, UK

C'mon Steve (Wednesday's letters), give poor Mr Clark a chance. He's clearly studied these little marvels for years without getting any attention, so using spurious comparisons is his only hope.
I hate to burst his bubble my pointing out that his hummingbird is outperformed by a small pebble dropped from a window.
Mark Esdale, Bridge

Oh dear, I scored 1 out of 7 on the GCSE Geography quiz, and the one I got right was really a maths question. Now I understand why I got a 'U' in my o-level all those years ago!
SueO'Rourke, Burnley, UK

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