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18:30 UK time, Thursday, 21 May 2009

Re: This story. Did anyone google the lyrics? They look exactly like the Hank Snow song.
Mark Williams, Oxford
Monitor: Yup, MSNBC did

Dan in Cambridge (Your Letters, Wednesday): please, please, please don't use "I'm loving". As an English teacher I spend a lot of time trying to convince my students that this expression (used, and made popular, by a certain well-known fast food chain!) is, grammatically, horribly wrong! "Love" should never be used in the present continuous tense.
Thank you.
End of rant.
Dick Savage, Plzen, Czech Republic

Oh Dear Lord! Imagine how much information the Government will be able to lose at one go!
Naomi P, Sunny Worthing, UK

Re this story, could a more fitting car be found to crash into a supermarket - a "Rolls" with a "Veg" numberplate!
Luke, Portsmouth

Within letters, your links are in a blue colour and the rest of text is in black. With my laptop monitor placed at certain angles, the blue and black look very similar and it often does not look like there is a link. Perhaps Monitor should consider using a different colour for a link or placing links in bold.

Gordon, Newcastle
Monitor: Perhaps... but no.

Re Wednesday's Web Monitor, I surely can't be the only person to remember that Dr Spock was an author of books on raising children, and that the Star Trek character was Mr Spock...
Dan, Manchester

Could you please state that Italian Job related captions are not allowed. I don't think I can take the endless line of unfunny "You're only supposed to..." captions I will be unable to resist sending in.
Michael, Rockville, MD, USA
Monitor would like to make clear that the views and opinions expressed in this letter are strictly those of the author, Michael Rockville, of MD, USA, and do not, in any way, represent the views of the Magazine Monitor itself .

Is it just me that saw the Caption Competition, and immediately started to count to see if there were 10 cars?
Dan Wilkinson, Chesterfield, UK


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