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16:34 UK time, Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I think that Magazine Monitor needs to do some googling about HTML escape characters if he/she would like to leave the office in time to catch his/her train.

<a href="">Magazine Monitor</a>

Magazine Monitor
Cat, Leeds

In reference to Ian of Bristol (Tuesday letters), his question, and the answer, the correct way to write HTML code so that it looks like HTML code without acting like HTML code is the following:

<a href="url"&ls;Link text</a>

Essentially, replace any open tag sign with "& lt;" and any close tag sign with "& gt;" (Removing the spaces and quote marks of course: I was afraid that you may not be able to see the code for the code, if that's not too recursive!)
Joseph Macdonald, London

Use the following code (removing . after each < ) <.a href="website here"> text to be used for the link <./a>
Graeme, Leicester England

Re Ian's letter and the response: you could write the instructions in a word processor, take a photo of the screen, print that out, scan it in, and put up the resulting image to show us how to do it? (Failing that, use &lt; for your <)
Andy , Horsham

See this for HTML instructions.
Candace, New Jersey, US

It seems strangely apt that the Monitor should feature a recalcitrant rodent on the 30th anniversary of Fawlty Towers' first broadcast.
Helene Parry, South Wales expat to Brentford

Richard Branson is "so proud" of his staff that he dresses in "disgustingly dirty clothes" and blacks out his teeth to prove it? Wouldn't doing something about their disgustingly dirty clothes and poor dental care do a bit more to show his pride? Just a thought.
David Richerby, Leeds, UK

She is back again...
Caroline, Nottingham

In response to Maggie in Tuesday's letters, he's a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.
Phil, Guisborough


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