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11:22 UK time, Friday, 27 March 2009

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More GoogleStreetViewBalls for you today.

Our latest dose of spurious linkage to the new service comes in the Daily Mail under the headline: "GOOGLE MILITANTS AIMING THEIR HATRED AT THE CITY".

Surely "Google militants" should be violent radicals who spend their time menacing people that espouse the virtues of Live Search or Ask?

But this story is about anti-G20 militants who plan to use "Google Streetview" and "Twitter" to "cause mayhem" at the summit (paragraph one). The protesters readily admit they will use the internet to help them organise (paragraph two). Then paragraph 13 makes a reference to Facebook.

There's no explanation anywhere in the rest of the piece. Obviously, the suggestion that subs and editors just throw a few internet buzz words into a piece - to make it a bit 21st Century - is wholly false.

Moving on, the Daily Telegraph is one of many media outlets to run "funny images" from Google Street View, including the image above left with the caption: "A graffiti artist, believed to be Banksy, lets us all know what he thinks of Google Street View in London."

Wrong. The whole thing - slogan and graffitti artist - is an anti-CCTV mural Banksy painted in April 2008, pictured above right, and executed under cover of darkness with the aid of a three-storey structure of scaffolding and polythene sheeting.

So sorry, Telegraph, that is most definitely not Banksy caught in the act of protesting against Google Street View.

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