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15:01 UK time, Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Re Simon's sprouts (Letters, Tuesday). I don't think so Simon. Mine have been on at a rolling simmer since Derby Day, but then I like them al dente. You must have teeth like a bear trap.
Vicky, East London

Thanks for the reminder, Simon, and is it today we roll a couple of tangerines under the sofa and leave a mince pie on top of the bookshelf?
**Dear MM. Just about sobered up now, apologies again. Cringe..**
Stig, London, UK

I was amazed.... I bought something off the internet for a Christmas present on the 23rd of December ( I was a little slow this year on getting things sorted out) and didn't think it would arrive until sometime next week. It arrived today in the morning post. Amazing. Well done, Royal Mail!
Tash, Sussex

Why is it that three parcels out of seven didn't get delivered to my house in December? Could this be because that although the Royal Mail state they don't take on temporary workers at Christmas they were advertising for them in my local Post Office? I have no missing parcels all year until December. Strange coincidence isn't it?
Julia Kapherr, Leeds

Re the Daily Mini-Quiz and Woolies' store safe going for £300... does it have £299.00 in cash inside once you've bought it?
Maisy, Milton Keynes

The Italian priest who "ruined kids' Christmas" in fact got it wrong. He could at least have told them the legend of King Wenceslas to explain Father Christmas. There's even a legend on Wikipedia to explain the Befana, if he had wanted to go that far.
Geoffrey, Rome, Italy

A brilliant RR, Kerry Rose. It is for similar reasons that I declined, some years ago, to renew subscription to that well-known friends' website. This site was the epitome of the world-wide RR. Those who had joined in the early days had all, it seemed, emigrated to sunnier, exotic climes and were sooo pleased to tell everyone this exciting news. So successful was this approach, it set the pattern for others joining in the fun. My "still in the UK" comment soon brought about an end to the gushing requests for contact with a view to renewing friendships and nothing was heard since. I have an idea there resides more expats in the UK than was first thought.
Brianonthecam, Cambridge UK

Round Robin? Er, no. The "One Size Fits All" annual letter you describe as a Round Robin is no such thing. A Round Robin letter is an accusatory note signed by a few individuals writing their names in a circle so that no one person can be identified as the instigator
Keith, Lismore, Ireland

Dan's game (Letters, Tuesday) is indeed fun. I got "Gene clues double thief", "Brazil experts help hen retreat", "Iraqi Bank: Iran hazardous", "City investor survives private high", and "Attenborough bail helps Hilton sheep".
Robert, Melbourne, Australia

We would like to inform all our friends that we will not be sending out Christmas cards by post this year. Instead we will be posting a cheery and seasonal greeting within the pages of the BBC Magazine Monitor. Merry Christmas everybody.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

May I be the first to wish everyone a very happy Easter?
Bod, Cambridge

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