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15:48 UK time, Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Just a reminder that to get your sprouts just right, they should be put on to boil today.
Simon Rooke, Nottingham, UK

The quote of the day makes me wonder whether Mr Wilson listens to the instruction to switch off electronic devices during takeoff and landing, or whether this second crash is slightly less than surprising.
Ed, Clacton, UK

I, like most people I imagine, read your round-robin letter in the following order:
First few paragraphs
Next paragraph up
Next up...
and so on, until it made sense.
Liam, Chesterfield, UK

I hope Kerry Rose has room for all the kudos that must surely be winging its way to her for that brilliant round-robin letter. Well done that lady.
CS, Manchester, England

Fun Christmas game - take any vertical list of headlines on the BBC News website, and make a sentence using the first word from the first headline, the second word from the second, and so on. Add quotation marks if desired. Points for coherence or amusement. So far I have "Chambers 'knocked widow' contest criticised", "Dubai issues RBS with death", and "Mosquito actor pictures 'really gay'". Enjoy.
Dan, Oxford, UK

Re Going Postal III, I just had to say that yesterday I received a letter with the flap folded in, not glued. It was quite a large envelope and a card not yet postmarked, meant for Walthamstow, had been trapped in the fold and ended up on my desk. I put it back in the post but I don't suppose it's going to be delivered in time for Christmas now. And who do you think will get lambasted for this?
Aine, Sydenham

Am I the only person who has never heard of Adrian Chiles (daily mini-question), let alone seen him on TV this year?
Martin Hollywood, Luxembourg

It is my last day of work before the New Year, and I have a major business report to write and send before 3pm so naturally my thoughts turn to the Monitor. I hope that you and yours (yours, in this instance, meaning several thousand readers) have an enjoyable festive break. I would like to say Happy Christmas, but of course I also have to say Happy Holidays or Seasonal Greetings. Mind you, one of my colleagues is a Jehovah's Witness, so I suppose I ought to also say Christmas (without the Happy). There are a variety of other groups who may also feel excluded, so hello and goodwill to all of you too. Except the woman in the Peugeot 206 who nearly killed me on the M6 at the weekend. She gets no goodwill except a profound hope that in 2009 she takes some driving lessons, or has her car impounded for the good of mankind.
The Therapist, Portsmouth, UK

Paper Moniter, I am here (still) and will be until 17.00 Wednesday (although I may be going home at some point to sleep. Maybe.) So please don't give up on me yet. I need you to cheer me up at lunchtime. And if you could make sure that you have a batch of letters posted by 12.00, I might just remember to drop off that bottle of whiskey you wanted.
Robyn, Cheshire


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