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16:16 UK time, Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Point of order, Alan Connor (Smashed Hits): tying someone to a kitchen chair is B&D, not S&M. What you do with them once you have them tied in the kitchen chair, however, may fall under the heading of S&M. Merry Christmas! Oh, and Jeff Buckley for number one, please.
Michelle P, Mannheim, Germany

What would have happened if this chap had got back to Cardiff and it had been foggy there too?
Michelle, Worcester, UK

Awwww poor Paper Monitor. I had it a couple of years ago and ended up in hospital due to dehydration. Keep your fluids up as much as possible and get plenty of bed rest. Hope to see you back on your feet soon. Kisses, cuddles and best wishes (all from behind a protective screen!) xoxoxox
Jennie F, Leeds, UK

Is this the ultimate in nominative determinism? The name of the South Korean actress who apologised for her adultery ? Ok So-ri!
Paul Greggor, London

The collective noun for rats (Daily Mini-Quiz)was obviously not going to be wrack - that's for lambs!
Ralph, Cumbria

Re the magma chamber found under Hawaii, Professor Marsh said "It's hotter than hell..." How does he know? Geology field work must be more interesting than I'd assumed. Anyway, doesn't the law of nominative determinism dictate that he should be working with water, or possibly mud?
John, Norwich, England


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