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17:03 UK time, Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Clearly Cameron is centrist - he's reading the Guardian, yet leaning to the right in that photo.
Steven, Sunderland

I can't understand why people are baffled by health messages. It's really very simple: you need to eat five portions of fruit and veg each day. So every evening, I count up how many I've had so far, and make up the difference with grapes. Of course, grapes don't store very well, but I find that buying the variety that has been fermented and put into bottles solves the problem very nicely.
Adam, London, UK

Nick Jones reckons administrators should have picked up Bernard Madoff through nominative determinism (Monday letters). We're watching you too Nick.
QJ, Stafford, UK

It's not a jinx, its an omen!
Stuart, Croydon

With reference to the pre-[insert past tense of verb of choice] debate, I have just found a truly puzzling one: an avocado described as "pre-ripened". Please explain.
Susan, Brisbane, Australia

Thanks, I'd never travelled up to Scotland before.
Kate Melia, Haslemere

There must have been a donkey in the Christmas story (Monday letters) or children singing little donkey are lying and coconut shells would be redundant after the coconut has been eaten.
Kat, London

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