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15:40 UK time, Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Re "The first of more than 100 countries are expected to sign a treaty banning the stockpiling and use of cluster bombs in Norway's capital, Oslo." I didn't know Oslo was such a dangerous place for cluster bombs, but at least the problem is being tackled city by city. What's next? The banning of scud missiles in Helsinki?
Simon, Manchester

"Fighting the economic downturn is the government's top priority for the year ahead in a slimmed down Queen's speech." I know these are days of equality, but isn't it a bit rude to comment on the Queen's figure?
John Whapshott, Westbury, Wiltshire

In the unlikely event it escaped anyone's notice, I draw your attention to the classic "crunch creep" article from the BBC. Traditionally, it's the role of the Sun to uncover this story, or indeed to make it up if facts on which it can be based are not available. They must be snoozing over there...
Ray, Turku, Finland

Surely I am not the only person to have read this headline, and immediately imagined a smashed bottle?
Steven, Livingston (Scotland)

Re Whiskey bottle goes under hammer. Ooops!
Janet Ames, Coventry

From the report on the Queen's Speech came the following: "The Bank of England is to be given a brief to maintain financial stability, including the creation of a new Financial Stability Committee." Door. Horse. Bolted.
George, London UK

Not exactly nominative determinism, but a very appropriate metaphor : A Ladbrokes spokesman said: "We're frozen with fear at the prospect of a white Christmas."
Paul Greggor, London

Nigel (Tuesday's letters) claims that Northerners just get on with life in the face of adversity like snow. Closed roads, abandoned cars and closed schools? That doesn't sound like getting on with it, that sounds like giving up and going home.
Thomas, Maidstone, UK (Down south)

Re Oswald's letter (from Tuesday) on John Barrowman's fruit and nuts: "Am I missing something?" No.
David, Cheshire, UK

Dear Paper Monitor, the Daily Mirror journalists clearly haven't seen the tree on my colleague's desk if they think the one in Peterlee is the most pathetic in Britain. It's about 6" high, has a single silver bauble and is supposed to light up but doesn't because the wiring is dodgy. Mind you, it did cost him just £1 and he's not trying to impress an entire town with it.
ZS, Cornwall, England


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