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Crunch Creep

10:05 UK time, Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Strange, tangential and often unlikely events laid at the door of the credit crunch, with an added festive flavour.

Sales of trousers with elasticated waists have risen 16 per cent because shoppers are buying more durable clothes because of the credit crunch.
More details (Sunday Telegraph)

Coronation Street stars are fed-up because money-saving bosses have scrapped the catering van on set which dishes out tea and bacon butties to cast and crew.
More details (Manchester Evening News)

Birds Eye is bringing back the Arctic Roll, that defining pudding of the 70s and 80s, because it is very affordable in these hard times.
More details (Guardian)

Cadbury has ditched mini Crunchies and Dreams from boxes of Heroes and replaced them with cheaper alternatives such as mini-Bourneville bars, Eclairs and Fudge.
More details (Express)

Membership is booming at internet dating sites as the credit crunch brings a rush to find a partner to share the pain.
More details (Independent)

A book that taught Britons how to feed themselves cheaply during World War II rationing is flying off the shelves because of the credit crunch.
More details (Express)

Clerics believe the credit crunch is responsible for a steady rise in people going to church.
More details (Independent)

The number of people owning helicopters in Ireland is falling for the first time in more than a decade due to the credit crunch.
(The Sun)

Sales of smoothies, yoghurt drinks and bottled water have all fallen because of the credit crunch.
More details (Daily Telegraph)

And with a special festive flavour...

The credit crisis is hitting the Christmas getaway, with people choosing to travel by train rather than driving or flying.
More details (Daily Telegraph)

Christmas cards sent out by the rich and famous - including the Royal Family and Gordon Brown - are more downbeat this year because of the economic crisis.
More details (Guardian)

There will be more repeats on TV than ever before over the festive season and industry experts are blaming the economic crisis.
More details (Daily Mail)

Bankers have become the new pantomime villains because of the credit crunch.
More details (Guardian)

Children will get half as much in their stockings this Christmas as the credit crunch bites.
More details (The Sun)


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