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14:11 UK time, Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Monitor note: Yes, letter lovers, some of your communications with the Magazine would have been nice yesterday but we, er, forgot. Here is a bumper crop to make up it.

"Navratilova will be hoping to emulate Christopher Biggins's success." It's certainly a shame that so far her only success has been winning 59 Grand Slam titles. I feel she deserves this chance to finally make something of her life.
Edward Green, London, UK

"Just under 9,600 people reported having 15,488 partners in the preceding year." EACH?
Ian Bonham, Gibraltar

Re Will we eat wonky fruit and veg? At last, turnips can be again served "as God intended", regardless of how much they manage to look like a "thingy"...
Ann, Madrid, Spain

What, no mention for theguardian's masthead of an entire field full of poppies (Tuesday's papers)?
Al, Cambridge

I was intrigued by your headline World recalls end of World War I. I had always thought it was faulty.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

A sign left on reception on Tuesday made me smile. "Reception has been closed for the two minute silence - back in five minutes". What were they doing for the other three?
Lewis, Redhill, Surrey

Could Monitorites please help - when it it appropriate to cease to wear a poppy?
Andy, London

Did anyone else mis-read Hundreds of jobs go at Glaxo site and think that Glaxo were blaming patients dying (or being killed off) for the closure of one of our town's main employers?
Keith, Dartford

Nom Det Of The Day. QE2 hits a sandbank... Cunard spokesman Eric Flounders has his say. Anyone need a baked potato spokesman?
Peter Murphy, Milton Keynes

I'm wondering, how do you endanger yourself (Your news, your pictures terms and conditions) taking photographs of odd-shaped fruit? Are you worried it might turn ugly?
GDW, Edinburgh, UK

Tut, tut BBC. Surely you know that Midsomer (Tuesday's Daily Mini-Quiz) is a county rather than a village? Admittedly it's a county with a very small police force and a blanket media ban on coverage of local murders, but one nonetheless. Anyway, I'm off to blackmail someone who's just moved in next door about their shady past. We're meeting in an abandoned barn in the middle of the woods, but I expect I'll be back by tea.
Helen, Cambridge

She gets about, doesn't she?
Samuel, Leeds

She's moved! I blame the Credit Crunch.
HB, London

George (Monday's letters), good luck, I hope the meeting with the important clients went OK. I'm not sure about the interval but how about "impotiance" for the feeling (impatience + important = something close to impotence since there's nowt you can do but wait)
Eleanor, London

I bought one of those microwaveable burgers for lunch - am I going to be disappointed?
Adam, London, UK


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