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16:13 UK time, Friday, 7 November 2008

Re Choosing the First Puppy: Obama's new dog "mustn't be afraid of people with beards and turbans and so on because he is going to meet a lot of foreign dignitaries". Correct me if I'm wrong but I had the impression that people, not pooches, had these prejudices.
SG, India

I've just read Thursday's letters, and I'm pretty disgusted that one-eighth of the space was given over to someone complaining about the BBC's coverage of the US elections. Why is my licence fee being spent propagating this sad, parochial nonsense? I am, and probably 90% of Britain is, sick to death of hearing moaning about 20 minutes of news about the most important presidential election for decades. Oh, and thanks BBC, for excellent election coverage all round.
Paul Taylor, Manchester, UK

I have just read Ken Smith's letter early this evening, and I'm disgusted that the first 20 words was solely about him being disgusted. It's as though there is no other news. I am and probably 90% of Britain is sick to death of hearing about this disgustingness, I and many others don't care because it won't change a thing.
Stig, London, UK

For Jeremy Paxman to ask Dylan "Dizzee Rascal" Mills if he felt British was insulting.
Danielle, London, UK

Given the speed with which the papers rushed out their souvenir editions about Barack Obama (Thursday's Paper Monitor), and the time it must take to put one together, I guess it's safe to assume that they also prepared a corresponding souvenir about McCain. What happens to these? Are they printed up in some alternate universe, or just consigned to the waste-paper basket of history?
Rob, London, UK

Am I the only one to notice that Barack Obama merely nicked his "Yes we can" from Bob The Builder?
Mike, Newcastle upon Tyne

Pedant alert for a Friday - in Berlusconi says Obama is 'tanned', the author writes how he was "speaking in Italian through a translator". As a translator myself, I think you'll find that if someone is *speaking*, that'll be done through an interpreter. A translator deals purely in the written word. Bad BBC!
Annie-Mouse, Farnham

7 days 7 questions SPOILER ALERT
Hey, not fair on the missing word question. I selected "bacteria" and was told I was wrong, but then presented with the following explanation: "It's bugs. Women have a greater range of different types of bacteria on their palms than men, according to US research released on Tuesday."
So what is it? Bacteria or bugs? Aren't they both correct?
Robert Phillips, Cardiff, UK

I watched Flight of the Conchords, recorded from BBC Four, last night. The one in which innocent abroad Brett is railroaded into bed by an American girl (one-tracked minds, the lot of them). And ever since, I've had "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off... To Have a Good Time, Ah-ha" on the brain. And it's not even on the soundtrack!
Tom, Leicester

If Nick Fowler wins the caption competition, I hope his award is based on merit not nominative determinism.
Vicky, East London

What is Andrew on about saying this man didn't fight in either world war? He is a veteran of WWI.
John Talbot, Leighton Buzzard

Maybe the Monitor would get more proper letters if it gave out a postal address. Until then, you'll have to make do with web comments.
Phil, Cardiff

Dear Magazine Monitor,
I am shocked that you print letters such as that from Alex Knibb (who should be using a pen if nominative determinism means anything), ending with "Lots of love". A proper letter should end, as this does, with:
Yours sincerely,
Hamish McGlobbie
P.S. Angie sends her love. She is now seven feet tall and has just passed Grade 3 euphonium.
Hamish McGlobbie, Leeds

Dearest Magazine Monitor,
I would so much like to thank you for publishing young Alex's letter - it made his day. He's such a good boy, he set up my digital TV yesterday.
This interweb really is clever don't you think. If I'd had to send this in the post I would have had to get someone to go to the postbox for me. Of course in the good old days the postman would collect letters when he did his deliveries. Still we must embrace progress and it's given you a good job and that nice Mercedes.
I'm looking forward to seeing you at Christmas, I'll bake some of your favourite festive flapjack.
Auntie Vera
Auntie Vera Gibb, Bristol
Monitor note: Your flapjacks with cranberries? Goodie!


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