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14:17 UK time, Wednesday, 22 October 2008

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Is it possible to ever tire of those Bullingdon Club photos of the new-look touchy-feely Tories in their youth?

The fresh faces, the artfully tousled locks, the white-lapelled tail jackets, the biscuit-coloured waistcoats and - oh! - the bow ties. If one were to cross Brideshead Revisited with The Breakfast Club, this would surely be the result.

First there was the hastily-banned picture of David Cameron, Boris Johnson and chums in the elite Oxford dining club circa 1986.

Now, with the contretemps over who said what to whom while at a private party in Corfu, another has surfaced of George Osborne and his now former friend Nat Rothschild as Bullingdon boys.

The picture from 1992 appears in the Dailies Mail and Telegraph and the Guardian alongside articles on the man who hung the shadow chancellor out to dry.

As if to illustrate that there are not that many people in the country who can count a Rothschild amongst their university chums, the Times lets slip that Mr Osborne is "the son of a baronet and a debutante".

With the affair dominating the papers, you could read thousands of words about a rarefied world of besuited students who grow up to holiday in lavish Corfu villas and attend parties on oligarchs' yachts.

Or you could just look at the pictures.

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