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14:48 UK time, Tuesday, 23 September 2008

This story about the clowns being silenced just shows how ridiculous these licensing laws have become. This Summer the theatre company I was in fell foul of this at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We were told we could no longer hand out cupcakes to our audience memebers during our performance as we did not have a Catering License. I never realised giving out 3 cupcakes a performance could cause such problems!
Beki Harrison, Hull

The ban on clowns playing live music is described as "laughable". At last, something funny about clowns.
Kieran Boyle, Oxford, England

Re Horses for divorces. So Kathy Pinney thinks it costs £600 a year to keep a cat or dog excluding vets bills? Definitely a candidate for the Nick Clegg "Out of Touch with Financial Reality" award. Around 200 euros a year keeps my two moggies happy and healthy.
Sam, France

I suspected a pound coin I had was fake so I found another to compare it to. Shame the one I compared it to also turned out to be a fake. If they want them out of circulation they should take the hit now and exchange them for genuine coins.
Rick, Stockport

I would like to propose a new phrase for those, like Susannah, who have the misfortune of discovering a fake pound in their possession: "Quids out". The realization that you've less money than you originally anticipated.
Darren, Leicester

I am guessing that chewing gum (Daily mini-quiz) fails to make the top 10 littered items found on the street because most of it ends up on the bottom of my shoes, and therefore is technically no longer on the street.
Scott Henderson, Burlington, Canada

Roy Bennett (Monday's letters) asserts that "getting a monk on" is an exclusively South Yorkshire idiom. Wrong. The phrase is VERY commonly used in Grimsby (where I grew up) and... GRIMSBY IS NOT IN YORKSHIRE.
Greg, Ex-Grimsby

Martin (Monday's letters), I think you will find that she was talking about the fake officer sitting on her back, not her sitting on her own back. And I believe she only mentioned it once.
Rachael, Nottingham

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