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18:20 UK time, Thursday, 28 August 2008

It appears your reporter in this story hasn't read "Putting percentages in context", because in her article "Are towns designed for the benefit of men?", she reports: "Women are also more dependent on public transport, making 75% of bus journeys and only 30% have access to a car in the daytime.", yet she doesn't make a comparison to men's journeys by public transport and car, so as reader, I've no idea how much higher the percentage of women on public transport is compared to men.
AS, Oxford, England

Re "Spider forces family out of home". The last line of the report states "They identified the spider using the internet". Was is looking up flights to Afghanistan?
Rich, Bristol, UK

Was I the only one expecting to see Kate Moss?
Jade, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

John Airey of Peterborough - not true. Decompression of an air cabin is (fortunately) not instantaneous, if it were everyone would have boiled to death from the outside (see Boyle's Law). It's more likely that had an announcement been made, it would have been quieter due to the lower density of the air.
Duncan, Hove

Simon Lemin (Wednesday's letters), you dreadful snob. Most engineers do work in factories, even though they have studied and gained relevant qualifications. It doesn't make them any different. Isn't yours exactly the type of attitude that causes a problem for the engineering and manufacturing industries? And by the way, spelling engineer with a capital letter does not make it any more important than the other jobs you mentioned.
Jacqui, London

Oh, goody, we've started Christmaswatch already (Wednesday's letters)! Well, my local supermarket has got stacks of those Cadbury choc covered nuts in jars which you only buy at Christmas time. Have to admit I'm tempted by the Old Gold covered almonds. I'll hum Ding Dong Merrily on High as I get my coat.
Susan, Brisbane, Australia

Re Christmas cards, I strongly advise you to steer clear of the basement in Selfridges then. Their Christmas Department was in full swing last weekend.
Adam T, London

My word! The time to start moaning about how Christmas gets earlier every year gets earlier every year!
Samuel, Leeds

The best Mondegreen ((Wednesday's letters and letters passim) I've heard is "Sorry Mrs Jackson" being misheard as "Soft British accent". And there was more than one person in the group that thought it was that!
B Brown, Ottawa

I was at a party when someone put on a tape of children's songs for a bit of retro fun. We were listening to "One Man Went To Mow a Meadow" when someone in their early 20s announced that they'd suddenly realised that the man in the story had gone to mow an actual meadow, as opposed to going to a place called "Mow-a-Meadow". Not so much misheard lyrics as misunderstood.
PS, Newcastle, England

I was disappointed to find out that U2 were not singing "Hello, Hello. I'm at a place called Birmingham" but were in fact waffling about Vertigo. Makes more sense than that actual lyrics thought doesn't it?
Marc, Johnstone

Surely the ultimate misheard lyric is Jimi Hendrix singing 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy'.
Mark Williams, Oxford

My childhood mandarin gave me an early introduction into the concept of cross dressing - 'Davy's on the road again, wearing women's clothes again.'
Mike , Newcastle upon Tyne

It is not just song lyrics that can be misheard. Along with most of my Sunday school, I always said "Thanks Peter God" at the end of a reading. And the "Love of God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit..." seemed to be "...with our saw"; a small red bow saw which would have been quite ordinary had it not been deified by a vicar mumbling through a thick beard.
Phil B-C, London


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