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11:37 UK time, Tuesday, 12 August 2008

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Having been the golden boy of the British press only days ago, Tom Daley's "flop" from grace has come hard and fast. The story of his "bust-up" with diving partner Blake Aldridge dominates not just the back but also the front pages of nearly all the papers (bar the Daily Star, which is above such trivialites, concentrating instead on the more important news of "Big Bro Rex's live sex show").

The pictures of the moody 14-year-old glaring at his team-mate are in direct contrast to those of the smiling swimming medallists Rebecca Adlington and Joanne Jackson. However, being typically British and "bah humbug", the papers are more interested in the former. Who wants to read about a cheerful happy win (and bronze) when you can concentrate on the scowling sulk of the previously cheeky, grinning, boy wonder?

In fact, nearly all of the press pack, with the exception of the three red tops, has chosen the prized spot of page three for the tale of Tom Daley's Olympic row.

The headlines are comfortably predictable in their use of diving/water-related lingo: "Belly strop" (Daily Mirror), "Swearing, rows and sour grapes. Daley's dream takes a tumble" (Times), "Teenage diver in row as medal hopes sink" (Telegraph) "An untimely phone call, a poolside row and medal hopes end in a belly flop" (Guardian). The Sun has chosen to rise above such aquatic jargon though, preferring the ever so suggestive "Girls on top... boys in strop". Ooh er.

On to other matters, and at a time of such rebellion in the ranks poolside, it's good to see the Times standing by its stable-mate. The plug for the Sun's freebie later this week is big, bright and unmissable. Ah... such unity makes the world seem a better place after all.

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