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15:56 UK time, Wednesday, 30 July 2008

This headline is not exactly true now is it Mr Sub?
Dan, London

Will this mean a new police sting operation?
Abby Hive, UK

Upon reading that a performance of Don Giovanni will be in front of an audience of readers of the Sun, was I the only person who suddenly got an image of an opera where the audience boo when the villain arrives, shouts "He's behind you" at regular intervals and claps along to some of the songs?
Mark Ivey, Hartlepool, UK

Nice to see drunk girl on bench has made the leap from Monitor icon to newspaper darling. She's on the front page of the FT today trailing a charming story on 'Merrie England'.
Helen, London

Why is it that if a Chinese language is transcribed more or less phonetically into English, we need a pronunciation guide? If Xin is pronounced Shin, why don't we just write Shin?
Diane, Sutton

Re today's Daily Mini-Quiz: It's a sad reflection on the obesity crisis when "half" of all adults are classed overweight, and this in turn is a "relatively low level of obesity".
Tyrone, Jersey

Is it ironic that a two-year-old story about old stories reappearing in the "Most read" list was the fourth most read story on BBC News today?
Nick, London


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