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16:00 UK time, Friday, 4 July 2008

Did the headline "Bury elected mayor plan rejected" trick anybody else? There was me imagining the London Assembly sadly shaking their heads at the realisation that that they couldn't get away with interring the (reformed) lovable fop.
Tim Evans, Oxford

In defence of Jacob (Thursday's letters), the hands are much more likely to be figuratively "as cold as ice" than literally at nought degrees Celsius. In this sense, it is both a metaphor and a simile...
Legs, Huntingdon

Their are nothing more sad as grammer/language pedants'. And if you feel the need to respond to my letter, you need to take a good hard look at yourself. Is it worth it? Just click the "Clear" button and spare us all.
AD, London

Re: Maz in London (Thursday's letters), "The boy is as thick as two short planks" is in fact a really interesting example of a zeugmatic simile.
Huw, Tonbridge, Kent

"Credit crunch enters the lexicon" - well, no. Credit crunch appears to have been in the lexicon for a long time. The Google News archive has entries for "credit crunch" as far back as 1967.
Neil Golightly, Manchester, UK

Erm Dylan, Reading (Thursday's letters) the delightfully-titled Darlington and Stockton times is a weekly local paper covering the towns of Darlington and Stockon. Much in the same way that there are weekly local papers covering lots of different towns across the UK. You may also note that the story you refer to was actually from the daily local paper The Northern Echo.
Karl, Nottingham

Ah, she's back. It's been a while.
Simon, Colchester, UK

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