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Paper Monitor

12:18 UK time, Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Food for thought in the papers today. What does a "bio-energy healer" actually do, as the Times describes Radovan Karadzic? Or for that matter a "New Age doctor", as the Sun puts it.

Also diverting is just why those organising the Anglican Synod encourage journalists to attend the indaba groups - a Zulu term for gatherings for purposeful discussion - only to refuse the Times' religious affairs reporter entry to her chosen group.

It's not like she hopes to cover the controversial chat on sexuality. Or heresy. Or the fiery discussion of a "shared mission in Europe". Her chosen gathering? "Never say no to the media."

Mmmmm. There's a 99 on the cover of the Financial Times. An organ that prides itself on its rigour and attention to detail. Which uses the photo of the Mr Whippy ice cream alongside the headline "Inside the Gelato University". Come now...
(Although Paper Monitor would happily go back to being a student again if it could do a PhD at that particular institution.)


Monitor note: We apologise for the interruption to this service, Paper Monitor appears to have left the building. Clutching 99p and humming Green Sleeves.


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