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10:47 UK time, Tuesday, 20 May 2008

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As the credit crunch begins to bite, it looks like the environment is so yesterday for Indy readers. Where once a dolphin and "CRUELTY" headline combo would have sufficed, today's Independent presents readers with an emotive tale that is closer to home.

"ABANDONED: Are Britain's pets the latest victims of the credit crunch?" is today's front page headline, atop a picture of several doe-eyed puppies peering out of a cage.

Beware Indy faithful who thought the big difference between their paper of choice and the Daily Mail was that only the latter would tug on readers' heartstrings by using sentimental, soft-focus pictures of domestic creatures... page two carries the story of Clyde, an eight-week-old puppy who was thrown down a rubbish chute.

So was Clyde's plight one of the more unlikely side effects of the credit crunch? It is, according to the paper, "difficult to say exactly why he was abandoned".

But, with Blue Peter-style overtones, there's reassurance for those upset about poor Clyde. "He has really rallied and we are sure he is going to be fine." Phew.

Paper Monitor will be keeping a close eye on the Indy for progress reports on Clyde - any news will be relayed through the Magazine's recession-proof Twitter feed... just as soon as those technical folk at Twitter HQ can sort out their IT gremlins.


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