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16:51 UK time, Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Just thought I'd add to the inevitable enormous pile of mail you'll receive about this headline.
Alex Knibb, Bristol

Re: not the anagram competition. Not that I want to appear to be competitive in any way, but my anagram for interrobangs would be Go Rent Brains.
David, Maesteg, South Wales

Monitor: Reminder - this is not a competition.

Ooh, I've just found one I like even more! Interrobangs: Bring Treason!
David, Maesteg, South Wales

So now a fish needs a man like a woman needs a bicycle?
David Roberts, Derby

Re: A high calorie diet to conceive a boy - the best way I know to have a boy or a girl is to keep having babies till you get the required gender. It doesn't usually take more than four children.
Henri, Sidcup, mum to: a boy, a girl, a boy, a girl, a boy, a girl, a boy, a boy, a girl, a boy, a boy and a boy (all dearly loved and wanted, regardless of gender).

The new McDonald's uniforms seemed designed to emulate a burnt burger - brown inside, black on the outside, and utterly unappetising.
Michelle B, London

Ed, Clacton - what they have given is a definition not a translation. A translation would be just a word meaning the same in a different language rather than a description of the word. Are we still doing the coat gag?
James, Dudley

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all readers of MM's letters a very happy St. George's Day.
DS, Croydon, England

Re: England's most patriotic town. Given that St George was supposedly a third century AD Roman soldier, why is he shown in medieval armour, and why are the people of Morley dressed up in pseudo-medieval costumes?
RJ Tysoe, London, UK

"I hope the force will soon be with him" - I'm tempted to say that two grown men playing with light sabres got everything they asked for, but that would be beneath me.
Louise Holder, Gloucester

Perhaps DJ Shaw really meant to say 'May the force soon be with him' or to quote Yoda 'With him may the force be soon'.
Rollo Prendergast JP, Hemel Hemsptead

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