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15:42 UK time, Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The actor who took over promoting fishfingers was named Pescod, you couldn't make it up
Stuart, Croydon

Legal curiosity it may be, but surely a law "requiring street musicians to leave the area if required to do so by irritated householders" is more necessary than ever?
Edward Green, London, UK

"A380 in UK commercial debut". Actually, it's been around for quite a while. How else would you drive from Bickham House to Torbay in Devon?
Rowina O'Neill, Eutin, Germany

Re: Leakey backing for elephant cull . Was there a hole in the trunk?
Lester Mak, London, UK

Unless, Kate (Monday's letters), unlike Schrodinger's cat, he had not been in the canoe when he vanished.
John, Sevenoaks

Kate from London: It's not whether being able to tell if he's vanished or not... it's the fact that he has BOTH vanished AND not vanished. It's only when you find the canoe with or without a person in it that one event ceases to exist. If you understand it now then I haven't explained it well enough.
Kaz, Hong Kong

Kate - maybe that implies that until the canoe is found, the man has vanished AND not vanished?
Sasha, Edinburgh


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