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14:54 UK time, Monday, 3 March 2008

Not being one to generally mind (or even notice) what the Royals say in the press, I've been surprisingly annoyed by the comment from Harry in this article. Surely it's a requirement of the third-in-line to the throne to at least pretend to like the country he might be head of state of one day?
Martha Hampson, London

Is Francois Crompton-Roberts (letters, Friday) looking forward to the day there's an outbreak of C.diff. in Tenerife?
David, Romford

Thank you for your disclaimer at the end of Paper Monitor today. Alas, my sister and I are renowned in our family for our trusting and open (ie gullible) natures - so until I got to your final sentence, I'm afraid I'd been completely taken in by your Pepys quote, and was marvelling at his fashion-conscious nature. Thank you, BBC, for sparing me the mirth of my family and friends if I had passed the quotation onto them.
Vanessa, London

There used to be an unofficial contest, I believe, among newspaper sub-editors to see who could craft the longest headline made up solely of nouns. So much the better if they were ones you wouldn't normally associate with each other. Your headline in this piece would be a worthy contender.
Adrian, Manchester, UK

"Imagine if together we build a Britain where what counts is not how high up you start, but how high you can reach," says Gordon Brown. Never have I heard such a case of blatant sizeism. I'm appalled.
Joe Ball, Nuneaton, England

Any particular reason why the Quote of the Day on 3 March 2008 comes from a news story published on 2 July 2006? Can we now look forward to future Quotes of the Day relating to the Sudanese goat bride or the Hotmail "prank" or, maybe, something from Churchill during WWII?
Peter, MK

Monitor: Monday's Quote of the Day was briefly from this story then it was changed to a more timely example. We're sorry.

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