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15:10 UK time, Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Come on BBC, if you can't find a pic of Shane MacGowan, you should just say so. Did you really think no-one would notice you using a picture of Smeagol from Lord of the Rings?
Cornish Bob, Truro

Following the loss of learner drivers' details, I should confess that some months ago I was given a similar set of names, addresses and phone numbers, delivered to my door. Who should I inform? The data was labelled 'The Phone Book'...
Richard, Newport, Wales

How harsh does K Walker (Monday's letters) want sanctions to be? Surely they're not suggesting that we send Phil Collins to a country that is showing signs of cooperating?
Ian, UK

K Walker suggests harsher sanctions for Iran - I would have thought a Chris de Burgh concert was harsh enough...
Adrian, London

Oh dear, Viscount Severn is eighth in line for the throne.
Fred, Rotherham

Surely the report on X Factor problems shows that the networks are actually preventing fraud, stopping some people from trying to "vote up to 10 times". Or am I reading it wrong? I'll get me vote.
Adam Shaw, Sussex

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