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16:46 UK time, Friday, 2 November 2007

I watched two episodes of Life on Mars last night, and woke up to read the following headline: Blair resignation calls intensify. This is doing my head in. Can somebody please tell me what the date is?
Rich, London

The report on Channel 4's history notes that it broadcast the first "live" autopsy. Really?
Phil, Forest of Dean

Only a group of sports journalists could headline a story Hole-in-one boost for sick Rose and not quote William Blake. An open goal missed.
Zed, Cumbria

In defence of plastic bags says they only make up a small percentage of landfill and implies this is a good thing. Surely, if you want to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, more plastic bags in landfill would be a good thing. The alternatives, such as biodegradable bags or incinerating them, will add to atmospheric CO2.
Doug, Berkhamsted

I have an 11th reason why plastic bags are good. I used to work for a company that made them, so their continued use will ensure that my pension fund continues to accumulate.
Paul, Rochdale

So the BBC is to be less London-centric is it? Sounds good until you discover that the new focus will be on the north of England. You can't throw a lump of coal at the schedules without hitting some drama, comedy or factual programme from the North. Yes, there is life outside London, but the geography of the British Isles does not leap straight from the M25 to Newcastle.
Steven, Cambridge

Re Byrne fined over car mobile use, how did Liam Byrne know it was an "important telephone call about deportation" until he had answered it? Unless he initiated the call, which is even worse.
Mark Esdale, Bridge, UK

Who else clicked on Byrne fined over car mobile use hoping that it would be the popular comedian and mobile phone voiceover provider Ed Byrne?
Andy Elms, Brizzle

Dame Julie Andrews says in her tribute to 25 years of Countdown that the programme "has helped my spelling and math enormously". Not that much - it's mathS over here.
Basil Long, Newark Notts

Re worries about the ban on the A380 mile-high club. Surely it's irrelevant. The A380 runs from just south of Exeter to Paignton, staying within five miles of the coast. I'd be surprised if it got to 200m above sea level, let alone a mile. Bit of a traffic hazard, though, those double beds...
Alexander Lewis Jones, Nottingham, UK


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