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14:35 UK time, Wednesday, 31 October 2007

If someone sends a photograph showing what they usually do at 10.30am on any given day, on that day someone will stop what they usually do to take a photograph of their colleague, so won't you end up with a percentage of the working population being less productive at 10.30am as they are taking photographs for your article?
Nicola, Lancaster

Given the difficulties they have hanging onto this guy, it doesn't help that the Belgian Ministry of Justice's logo resembles a bird in flight.

"Nasa studies ripped solar panel". I'm not sure how a study could do this sort of damage, but how careless.
Stella Alvarez

I think most people are capable of "talking with the dead". It's when the dead talk back that we need to start worrying.
MJ Simpson, Leicester, UK

Apprenticeships harder to get into than Oxbridge? Interesting, but bear in mind that Oxbridge courses have a high acceptance rate because people who don't have top grades simply don't bother to apply. That's not really a "one in three chance", is it? By that logic, if you choose three random students and get them to apply for engineering science at Oxford, it should be practically certain that one will get in.
Edward Green, London, UK

Apologies to all the health fanatics, but really, I've had enough of stories like this one that offer 'recommendations' on how to limit your cancer risk. In an ideal world, fine, but it's also worthy of note that the earlier a woman has her first child, the lower her risk of breast cancer in later life, to the extent that having a baby at 15 roughly halves your risk. Without wanting to sound too facetious, should we therefore be advocating teenage pregnancy as an anti-cancer strategy?
Huw, Cambridge, UK


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