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Your letters

17:55 UK time, Friday, 26 October 2007

If Elton John's art picture is not indecent, can we see a photo of it.
Stoo, Lancashire, UK

So, our Monarchs aren't elected, eh (Your letters)? Never heard of the Witan? And nowadays and in Elizabeth I's time, which part of confirmation by the Privy Council and Proclamation constitutes being "unelected"?
J. Paul Murdock, West Midlands, UK

Does anyone else find the disembodied legs illustrating the schoolgirl inoculation story disturbing. It seems to me to be objectifying the girl rather than preserving some anonymity - it adds nothing to the story.
Jon Gwinnett, Uphall Scotland

After reading your story "Chip fat bus takeas to the road", it got me wondering about this other recent story. What to do? Eat healthily and watch the climate change or eat chips and help the climate change but get obese in the process.
Amanda H, Northamptonshire

"LEARN WELSH. You ENGLISH..." What?! I've been trying to think of a sufficiently short noun to finish the graffiti. Or was it a Citizen Smith moment?
Kieran Boyle, Oxford, England

I look forward to discovering more people voted "no" to the question "Will you be sad to see Simply Red split up?" [Vote now replaced from Entertainment index] than in the last general election, thus proving the so-called lethargic, vote-weary British public just need something they believe in fervently to get them to polling boxes.
Dylan, Reading, UK

Re Going Postal II. All your cards may have arrived, pity it isn't like that where I live, in an "L" postcode. Going off statement dates and postmarks, the post seems to be about 20days behind!
Graham Carrington, Burscough, UK

On the smacking story. I agree entirely with the nice man that said we should treat children and adults the same. In fact I've got a list of people I think deserve a slapping.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

Re Paul Greggor's letter on the North-South divide. As a Southerner - even London is north for us in Hampshire - there's nothing that strikes fear into the heart as that sign on the M25 which reads something like 'Luton and The North.' It just sounds like scary unchartered territory. Particularly the 'Luton' part.
Sue, Portsmouth

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