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16:04 UK time, Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I think the phrase "people on a daily ejaculation routine" in this story has possibilities as a new euphemism. It even works as an acronym: Poaders.
P Anghelides, Southampton, UK

Rock risks 'were not foreseeable'" - Yeah well, just ask Bill Wyman, he'd know all about that.
Kip, Norwich, UK

So we have now a Futalognkosaurus - that would be about a foot longer than the last one they found then?
Bunny, Up North

If we're to have a daily random stat, can we please keep to one stat per day? Today's stat about cannabis contains three stats, which is two stats more than the one stat the title would lead us to expect.
Pete, Belfast

Hey... how come there's no 'Have your say' thingy on this item?
Bronwyn T, Wrexham

Nice to see that the Top Gear presenters were only smoking "herbal" tabacco, as opposed to the obviously more dangerous chemical or mineral forms of tabacco one presumes.
Keith, Loughborough

Now I know what I've been doing wrong... I shouldn't have been using my laptop whilst having a hot bath.
MB, Wirral

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