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Paper Monitor

12:33 UK time, Monday, 29 October 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Congratulations to the Express on the Royal family blackmail as story, for voicing the question that's on the tips of several million tongues today – who on earth is it? Or, to use the Express vernacular: "Guessing Game: See page 7"

All the papers are agreed the evidence points to a "junior" member of the family, so that rules out Charles, Harry, William and Andrew, although, if you can't envisage the faces of these non-suspects, the Express has pictured them all on its front page… presumably so we can visually rule them out.

However, Paper Monitor is more interested in finding out about Lewis Hamilton. With that in mind there's only one place to go: the Sun.

"Exclusive: 'The day I though my career was over' – Lewis: My Story". Inside is a two-page interview with the F1 driver, based on his autobiography.

Being a Formula One racing driver, Lewis, more than most of us, will be familiar with the term spoiler – only the front page of the Daily Mirror probably isn't what he had in mind when he hears the phrase: "Lewis: My Life – the women, the bullies, the battles, the TRUTH".

Editors at the Morning Star will probably feel a similar sense of hurt when they clap eyes on today's Guardian, which claims an authored piece by none other than Fidel Castro. On closer inspection, it's an extract from the Cuban leader's biography. How does that work? Has this stalwart of communism struck a newspaper serialisation deal? Ok, you can bet the publisher wasn't exactly beating off the Mail and Telegraph with this one, but did everyone get an equal shout? Are Castro's words the people's words, and if so, can anyone reprint them? The ominous © symbol at the end implies not.

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