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11:19 UK time, Friday, 19 October 2007

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Only the most curmudgeonly grinch would dare to question the work of the showbiz reporter. These sturdy yeomen of the notepad have a daily routine that would cause most other reporters to flinch with fear and pain.

Particularly when the Daily Mirror subs reduce your exclusive interview with Posh Spice down to the following three points:

• “I’m too blonde for Britain”
• “Spice tour will be a wow”
• “I HAVEN’T got any spots”

Woodward and Bernstein are about to have a sleepless weekend, gripped by a fear that their journalistic legacy has just been spectacularly trumped.

Elsewhere in the paper, the Mirror’s first edition carries an interesting insight into deadline times. The story on page 29 of Benazir Bhutto’s return makes no mention of the blasts targeted at her convoy that killed up to 130 people. Reuters flashed the news that there had been explosions at 8.15pm on Thursday.

Meanwhile, there is no consensus on the Turner Prize across the newspapers.

“Poor show”, says the Times. But the Independent is adamant that there is a case for the video of a man dressed as a bear winning the annual art gong.

And finally, let it not be said that Paper Monitor does not dole out praise where it is due.

The Sun’s feature on which houses soap characters could afford if they lived in the areas their fictional neighbourhoods are modelled on is an excellent idea, nicely executed.

Paper Monitor can think of nothing snide or sarcastic to say.

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