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Going Postal II

10:31 UK time, Thursday, 18 October 2007

Eight cards in eight days - that's the running total for the Magazine's post-strike postal challenge.

Eight days ago, to mark the end of the most severe national postal strikes in a decade, we set out to test how well the system would get back on track. To do so, we despatched 10 postcards to 10 enthusiastic readers scattered across the UK, through the first-class mail.

We have now heard back from all but two.

Latest reports of successful deliveries come from North Wales, Cornwall and Kent.

rhyswynne100.jpgRhys Wynne, Colwyn Bay, Conwy (right): "Your card arrived on Tuesday morning. I got my driver's licence the same day, which I only sent off last Friday. So that's pretty impressive."

Robert Young, Canterbury, Kent: "I had a special delivery letter which was meant to arrive by 1pm on the 11th but I didn't get that until the 16th."

nick_trevail100.jpgMeanwhile, the experience of Nick Trevail, from Truro, Cornwall (right), goes to prove that "snail mail" can be more efficient than its electronic counterpart. Nick received his card last Thursday, dutifully sending a picture by SMS, but due to technical difficulties, it got lost in the system at this end.

Still to report back are Sally Rode, from Norfolk, and Sarah-Michelle Saunders, in south Wales.


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