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17:02 UK time, Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I was discussing 'road etiquette' the other day and discovered another person like myself who uses a windscreen wiper wash as a halfway step between doing nothing and beeping the horn when stuck behind someone who is hogging the overtaking lane without actually going faster than the traffic to the left.

So I would like to put forward the suggestion to the MM Standards Body that if beeping the horn is akin with angry shouting then use of windscreen wipers in dry conditions should equate to raising one's eyebrows.
Christian Cook, Espom, UK

With prison officers on strike, shouldn't we see the headline "prisoners walk out" rather than "prisoner officers walk out"?
Henri, Sidcup

I don't know why you're bothering to read this, it's already been published.
Tyrone, St.Helier

Having been away for a while I have only just read Monday's Silly Season Quiz. I think I have worked out exactly what happened to Lord Lucan. By the looks of the photo he went on to have a very successful career as lead singer of Queen...
Ian C, Kent

I don't suppose you'll print this either but could you PLEASE put into print an explanation of what a beta feature is?
Andrea, Scafati (Darkest Italy)

So how DO you include a hyperlink to a story in a letter? I've tried various methods but, never having had anything actually published, I've no idea what works. And as I bet you won't even publish this, let alone answer it, I'm sure I shall remain ignorant.
Steve C, London Docklands

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