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14:36 UK time, Monday, 27 August 2007

Are we now unable to use adjectives in headlines? What is a China girl and Russia writer? Will we talk soon of the Britain weather and globe warming?
Z R, London

Assuming the Universe has unlimited possiblities and that time repeats itself, then this letter has already been published an infinite number of times. But I still bet you don't print it.
Robin, Glasgow (formerly Edinburgh)

With reference to all the letters stating "I bet you won't publish this" which you do, are there any declaring "I bet you will publish this" that you don't?
George, London

Nomination for quote of the day: "The wanting, and the more, and the porridge." - Clive James' 2-year-old relative
Andrew Agerbak, Harrow, Greater London

I remember when I last stayed at the Abbey on Iona they used a grace at breakfast time whose general message was that appreciating the food on the table would put us in harmony with the universe and the divine. My first thought was that this is a lot to ask of a bowl of porridge. But then my second thought was that, if any food could do this, it would indeed be porridge.
Cally, Scotland

I knew nine out of the 10 things on before last week. The only thing that came as a shock to me was that chickens could be diagnosed as depressed. Does that make me some sort of super-genius, or just a nerd with a lack of interest in chickens?
Michelle, London

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