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17:24 UK time, Friday, 10 August 2007

Re Alex's query, I can indeed help - the song is called Energy in Northampton and was originally a jingle written by the Northampton Development Corporation. Performed by Linda Jardim (better known for her performance of 'video killed the radio star'), it was released by EMI in 1980 as the B-side on her single (also courtesy the NDC) '60 miles by road or rail'. It now has a bit
of a cheesy cult following on the net. . .seek and ye shall find.
Alison , London, UK

It is still played daily in the town's museum. Or so says Wikipedia - can anyone confirm this?
Suzi, Portsmouth

Re pronunciation, why do so many BBC reporters and newsreaders mis-pronounce proper names ending in a vowel? The most obvious is the final "e" in Zimbabwe and Mugabe, which are usually pronounced Zimbabwee and Mugabee. Even in the 'how to say' section on the website, you seem to advocate slurring unstressed vowels to the Southern English 'uh' rather than giving them their correct native values. I still don't know whether the famous film director is called Martin Scorsese or Scorsesi.
Robert Pearson (b 1944), Crewe, Cheshire

Is it me, but the news story "Glasgow Airport plane quarantined". But, the thought of being cramped in a quarantined aircraft for 90 minutes, with hundreds of others, suffering from sickness and diarrhoea is probably the worst nightmare you could imagine! And then the BBC wants pictures - just what of exactly - the queue for the bogs, the mind boggles?
Peter Wright, Taynuilt, UK

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the foot of the statue of Hadrian that's been uncovered (Giant statue of Hadrian unearthed) is just under a metre long, how can half his leg be a mere 70cm? Was Hadrian some giant-footed weirdo?
elluche, London, UK

Is anyone else wondering why the couple who couldn’t call their baby "4real" because names can’t begin with numbers didn’t just call the tot "For-real" instead?
MJ Simpson, Leicester, UK

If the picture of "Big Ben under repair" (Time stands still) is a reflection, should it not be upside-down ? (unless the photographer was standing on his head !)
Paul Greggor, London UK

Re Quote of the day. Presumably that’s why the bed was such a mess then.
Stig, London, UK

The answer to today's mini-quiz is both right and wrong. "Lego" does not mean "play well" in Danish - but the name is a contraction of "leg godt" which does indeed mean "play well". I seem to recall old Lego ads claiming that the name also had a handy Latin connotation. Can any Latin buffs confirm this (and if so what it means)?
Karina, Glasgow, UK (formerly Copenhagen, Denmark)

Jacqui Evans, did you actually read the article on clocks? Or have I blundered into a Monitor tradition of repeating the
first paragraph to widespread applause?
Julia, London

"From Manchester with Love" was such a beautiful story - one of the best Magazine stories I've seen. Well done on the "letters home" series BBC, it has been a joy to read so far.
Ross, Halifax


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