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Lunchtime Bonus Question

11:40 UK time, Monday, 13 August 2007

This is a one-time only offer, never to be repeated, but, yes, it's back.

Quiz enthusiasts the world over will be mourning the death of Merv Griffin, the creator of TV gameshow Jeopardy!, in which contestants were given the answer and competed with each other to suggest what the correct question might have been.

Longtime Magazine readers will remember, probably with a dull ache somewhere around the solar plexus, our own perversion of that model, the Lunchtime Bonus Question. In our version, an answer from the day's news was presented to readers each morning, and they competed over the course of lunchtime to outdo each other with their underachievement and willful misunderstanding - the object of the exercise was to suggest not the correct question, Jeopardy-style, but rather the "most wrong" question.

Huge belly laughs at outrageous displays of wordplay genius never failed to... no, sorry, that's just not true. In the current climate the Monitor is forbidden from talking up the extent to which entries were amusing, and is certainly barred from offering anything like a keyring as a prize.

If the answer is "NEAR-PROFESSIONAL QUALITY", what is the question? Click on the comments button below to see some gloriously incorrect answers.

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