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11:53 UK time, Monday, 2 July 2007

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Last Monday it was the mud and sludge of Glastonbury. This week, the pictures of concert-goers enjoying themselves have a more anodyne edge – but that's what you get when you put Sir Elton John, Rod Stewart and Duran Duran on the bill.

Yup, the Princess Diana birthday concert provides a rich array of photos for Monday's papers. But there's really only one topic of conversation – Wills and Kate, are they or aren't they?

With a quest like that, Paper Monitor is donning its faded Levis and polished brogues to find out.

All the tabs carry shots of William and Kate in a single frame dancing, albeit separated by several other well-heeled, acutely bred revellers. The Mail quotes a royal source saying Miss M visited Clarence House the night before although "no-one knows for certain why…"

The Express gives a little more - not only did Kate visit Clarence House the previous night, she stayed there! "Kate, who had left her flat in Chelsea at 9pm arrived at Clarence House just after midnight."

At most that's a 20-minute journey. Note to Wills… whether or not you two are item again, buy the girl a satnav come her next birthday.

There's no picture of the (un)couple in the Guardian. But why would there be? Given the paper's republican sympathies, it presumably didn't cover it at all. Ah. Old-skool Guardianistas ought to avert their eyes from page 7. The paper of course, comes at its coverage from a different angle to the rest of the pack, treating the whole event as a sort of litmus test on how Britain feels about Diana 10 years on. So that's all right then.

But that's just a distraction. Back on the trail of Wills and Kate, and it's the Sun that really delivers. You can quote all the palace sources you like about Kate's car arriving at Wills' pad, but the Sun gives us a picture of that very arrival. There it is in black and white. Kate's gratis Audi pulling up at the gates.

Not only that, but there's the obligatory close friend who tells us "Kate and William are still working things through."


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