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Punorama Results

14:58 UK time, Wednesday, 13 June 2007


It's time for Punorama reuslts. This week it was the story of a trip made by Princess Anne.

She took an embarrassing tumble on a cobbled street while on an official visit to Guernsey in the Channel Isles.

When the island's Baliff, Geoffrey Rowland, tried to lift her up she got a bit hot under the collar and snapped: "Don't do that. Grabbing me round my (inaudible) won't help."

So, how did you do? Not the best week, but there were some impressive entries.

We liked Anne's frank message sent in by Rob Powell and Slippery beyond bailiff from Valérie Falconer. Very nice.

Our punorama regulars also came up with the goods. There was Rump hold of the Bailiff from Gareth Jones in the Isle of Anglesey, Guern And Bear It from Nigel Macarthur and The fall of the grouse of Windsor from Kip. Good work chaps.

Showing that the Americans can produce a good pun is Charles, from the USA, with The Princess and the peeve.

Using the Princess Royal's name to get the creative juices flowing was Marc Fox with Keep yours Annes to yourself and DJB in Glos with Keep your Annes orf me. We like.

Also, honourable mention to m-Anne-handled from Stella and Anne-ger management from Sarah in Italy.

That's all folks. This week, your report from the School of Puns reads must try harder.


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