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Your Letters

18:00 UK time, Monday, 21 May 2007

I was amused by your article "Why it pays for firms to go green", which claims that small businesses can save money by being environmentally friendly. It's a shame that no-one has told our local council about this. I run a small business, and despite our good intentions for recycling the large amounts of paper we produce, we've recently decided to abandon this plan as our council's waste desposal pricing policy makes it cheaper for us to send them for landfill.
Adam, London, UK

The fact that "Blair not indulging in vanity" is considered newsworthy, says a lot about him don't you think?
Candy Spillard, York, UK

Re Me and My Font. Shouldn't that be, My Font and I?
Dave Barrance, Milton Keynes, UK

I, like many others no doubt, always count the number of items in the 10 things picture. How surprised I was, therefore, to only see nine masked butterfly fish. There are two fish in the distance, but the clearer one doe not resemble a butterfly fish. Is it a moth fish and got counted by mistake? (Is the tenth fish behind fish four, as the numbers appear on a telephone?)
Lee Pike, Cardiff, UK

10_butterflyfish203.jpgMM: Pitiful apologies have been squeezed out of the journalist responsible for cropping this picture. The Monitor is happy to present the image in its full, un-edited, Director's Cut proportions.

When the Mars story broke, you published a letter from a rightly outraged coeliac pointing out that you hadn't mentioned that Mars Bars were also not gluten-free - dangerous for us coeliacs. Now that Mars has gone vegetarian again, I look in vain for one word of your story that tells me whether they are now gluten-free again! Come on, us coeliacs need to know - and we're not a pretty sight when roused to outrage.
MB, London

The "names-to-suit-jobs" phenomenon has surely reached a new zenith with the discovery that the spokesperson for the Playtex Moonwalk is called - wait for it - Kate Bosomworth. Sorry, I know this isn't a link to a BBC story, but I was just doing a general search for coverage, because I volunteered at the 26-mile sponsored Moonwalk event on Saturday.
Lulu, London, UK

Re "World's most expensive sandwich". I've just about had enough of these "World's Most Expensive (insert food stuff here)". All these chefs are doing is making a pretty much ordinary meal and then adding in a bit of white truffle. I think next week, I might create the world's most expensive Pot Noodle.
MarkG, Maidenhead, UK

The letters about directions to Carnegie Hall have reminded me of an amusing fact about getting directions from Google Maps. If you search for directions from Paris to New York, look at number 20. Now that's useful.
Natalie, Preston, UK

Re Ian from Redditch who speaks of seeing a live action TinTin movie on the TV - There have actually been two live action TinTin movies in the past. These are TinTin and the Golden Fleece (released 1961) and TinTin and the Blue Oranges (released 1964). Both films were original stories and were not based on original works by Hergé. Both films can be read about on Wikipedia.
Mike Harper, Devon, UK

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