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16:25 UK time, Thursday, 10 May 2007

Re Paper Monitor's discovery of a Times' TV listing from 1980 of a show featuring a character called Tony Blair. On closer examination, the parallels with our soon-to-be ex-leader appear even spookier. The 1980 listing says that "Meanwhile Monica is finding out some strange things about Burton". Who should introduce Mr Blair at his resignation speech today? His long-standing constituency agent John Burton.
Bradely Evenday, London

Should we be worried that the picture shown of Tony Blair as a cheeky schoolboy looks amazingly like Alfred E Neuman?
Cat, London

Reading the report that scientist are developing robots which can find their way through unfamiliar territory through guesswork, I imagine these must be the male version. The future female version will be programmed to stop and ask someone the way.
Rory, Sutton Coldfield

As a translator, I wouldn't trust Babel Fish, Kip (Wednesday letters). Frauen regier'n die Welt actually means "Women rule the world". Remember the old European Parliament translator's joke, "Very cold sailors".
J Paul Murdock, West Midlands, UK

What's this red-eyed zombie picture that Chandra mentions (Wednesday letters)? All I could see was Nick Robinson. Oh...
Clothilde Simon, Leeds

Nothing in Paper Monitor on the Grauniad's revamp of their online site? " opportunity for more serendipitous browsing in the vertical stack of picture-led links, which showcases a miscellany of our favourite things on the site. The Guardian design philosophy values function first and aesthetics second..." and so on.
HB, London

Re: Warning as tick diseases on rise. The article says that "travellers and holidaymakers visiting rural areas are at risk from tick bites". What about people living in rural areas? I take it we're safe?
Tom, Oswestry

I suspect that most of the entries in this week's caption competition will be in the "too rude to publish" category.
John, Belgium

'"I could have sworn that the job description said we'd be working 'at a top brasserie'."
Hamish, Cambridge
MM note: Nicely done, sir. But it came via the letters form. Consider yourself barred.

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