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Punorama Results

13:44 UK time, Wednesday, 16 May 2007


It's Punorama results time again.

As ever, we gave you a story and you sent us punning headlines. This week was the story of a park bench in the village of East Prawle in South Devon. It's the only place residents in the remote seaside town can get a mobile phone signal.

Demand to use the bench to make a call is so great residents and visitors have to queue. Council chiefs have now agreed to move the bench and build a two-foot high concrete podium for callers to stand on instead.

This really got your creative juices flowing. For the first time, in a very long time, there were no overwhelmingly popular themes. Entries included an eclectic range of references, including The Sound of Music and Trumpton. You really spoilt us.

Drawing inspiration from the classic Smiths' song were Anne with Devon knows I'm reachable now and John Coulthard with Devon knows I'm ringable now.

Having fun with a pun on podium were Richard with Weak signal causes pande-podium and Offshore Alan with A-Prawle I-pod(ium).

An honourable mention to Mark Bohan in Dublin for A mobile stone gathers no signal loss, Kip for
Village of the jammed, Murray for Immaculate reception, Helene for It's wood to talk and Andrew Mason for Queue gardens.

But top honours this week go to Candace for Xmitting on the rock on the bay, Diane for the cheeky Life's a bench , Simon for the tongue twister Pew, pew, barely a queue, comfort? Doubtful, and no grub! and Mark Wrighton for High on a bench was the lonely girl heard?



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