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15:34 UK time, Monday, 9 April 2007

With regard to your article on equality for men in the healthcare system. Is it not time people took responsibility for their own health rather than relying on medical staff to entice patients to them as well as being expected to find the miracle cure for everything. Men and women are equally able to seek out healthcare advice, but if they choose not to do this it should not fall on the shoulders of an overworked doctor or nurse to seek them out and thrust care upon them.
SGW, Leeds

With regards to "lunatics, idiots, deaf and dumb" people being barred from standing for election, why are they Monster Raving Loony Party allowed to stand? Surely the clue is in the name?
Adam Lewis, Gloucester

Taking items 6 and 7 of 10 Things together, doesn't this mean that Keith Richards is barred for standing for election?
Herbert G., Leeds

Ben Lenthall. You are shopping backwards. Please stop.

To Ben: Supermarkets are designed that way round (with the vegetables first, bottles in the middle and toilet roll at the end) to give the impression that it's a fresh shop, in which everything is nice and fresh. As Eddie Izzard has so insightfully pointed out, if it was the other way round we'd all think, "This is a poo shop! Everything here is made of poo!"
Martha Hampson, Bristol

If you're reading A Reader, the rest of the letters - NOT COMMENTS - are for you. Enjoy.

To A Reader, the BBC is charged with reporting the news but also with entertaining us, both of which it does very well. It's fine for the Magazine to be about a combination of these two things. If you don't like it, stick to the actual news!
Jane, Durham, UK

A Reader has it absolutely correct. Why is the breakfast news dominated by chit-chats, phoned-in comments and other "interactive" features. There is a place for feedback (and Monitor is it). Keep the news for information, not for the ill-informed, ill-considered gossip of the masses.
Matt, Surrey, UK

I would have to say I agree with A Reader. How dare you let people express thoughts, comments and opinions. Shame on you, BBC.
Lucy, Hull

A Reader may be interested to find that there are many, many millions of pages on the internet - yes, even on the BBC - without comments sections. Generally you read what interests you, and ignore the rest, and then everyone's happy. Unless of course he is being held against his will and forced to look at our comments, Clockwork Orange style.
Mary, Suffolk, UK

This is addressed to A Reader that doesn't like drivel. The fact that you didn't add your name and location proves your cowardly disposition. Your e-mail made a valid point and was well thought out. However, if you don't like drivel, don't go to the part of the website that contains the things you don't like, and leave the rest of us to enjoy the Monitor Letters. In other words, get a sense of humour, alternatively, wha' ever. Keep smiling MR Miserable.
Mark, Guildford, UK

A Reader - yeah, whatever.
Chandra, London

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